Comprehensive legal service actually strengthens your business.

Law sets a framework for your business operations: it defines your business liabilities but it also gives you many great opportunities. That’s why it is so important to have professional support for your business given by experts who able to respond adequately to every challenge.

At you will meet experts who understand law and who understand your business.

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Legal services by Tactis:
support and assistance you can see and feel at every step you take

Tactis may be a perfect choice for boards and business owners who appreciate stability – Tacis is a tried and tested solution which safety is guaranteed by its permanent presence on the market and numerous skills gathered under one roof.

Benefiting from services provided by Tactis makes reliability an obvious choice.

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Thanks to legal services provided by Tactis, you can be sure that
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Primary reasons to choose
legal services by Tactis

Every service rendered by Tactis offers you professional knowledge
and best best practices we have been developing for years as a team.

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A great number
of experts

Your business is under the care of extended team of attorneys-at law, tax advisors, legal counsels, statutory auditors and experts in multiple fields of law.
And this is the most important reason for choosing Tactis – one brand and one phone call gives you complete support in all law-related issues and day-to-day operations of your business.

law areas

Tactis gives a broad and exhaustive response to the legal needs of your business – service and advice in the field: fiscal law, economic law, labour law, debt collection, dispute resolution, auditing and supervision, bankruptcy/insolvency and restructuring proceedings, business agreements and contracts, criminal and fiscal criminal proceedings.

and expertise

At Tactis we act as a team and take care of every aspect of your business.
We have been working with business and for business for years. As experts in multiple fields of law, we have participated in complex processes and transformations on many occasions and thanks to our expertise, commitment and efficiency we add value at every single step of cooperation with our Clients. Business owners choose Tactis as we are experts in what they exactly need.


At Tacts tried and tested professionals work for you
which you can feel every day. We respond to
challenges and we find or create solutions tailored to a given situation, we represent you in disputes or in relation to formalities – always acting with the future of your business in mind. From a plethora of laws and opportunities we select
the ones which will help you achieve your goals.


Professional knowledge and experience of Tactis team are to act as a safety buffer around our Client’s business. Tactis experts are always close at hand, they anticipate and reduce legal risks which allows you to focus on what really matters
– future and growth of your business. We transform uncertainty into infallibility thanks to deep understanding of a Client’s situation and effectiveness proved
in many challenging industries.


Legal service which is well-tailored and proactive leads to additional opportunities for development. Laws and regulations are not necessarily a cage restricting your business; they may also be a ladder giving you access to your successive goals. Tactis is more than just taking legal formalities off your plate. At Tactis we work as a team so that you can achieve more of your goals faster and more safely.

Several dozen experts and one
unalterable quality standard

biuro rachunkowe, kancelaria podatkowa i prawna
biuro rachunkowe, kancelaria podatkowa i prawna
biuro rachunkowe, kancelaria podatkowa i prawna
biuro rachunkowe, kancelaria podatkowa i prawna
biuro rachunkowe, kancelaria podatkowa i prawna

For over a dozen of years we have been providing entrepreneurs with support in the field of law,
in the field of law, taxes, accounting
and finance. Get to know Tactis:

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Comments from Tactis Clients:

Elektroprofit Sp. z o.o.
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We have been cooperating with the office for several years now and we have been more than satisfied with the services your office have been providing to our business. Assisting in selection optimal form of business for us, reacting to most recent changes, showing initiative, adjusting our business structure to meet new regulations and challenges, meeting us at our headquarters to discuss new ideas and assumptions - this is evidence of high professional standards and exemplary accounting services, tax and legal services which are of vital importance for every developing business.
All-Pumps Sp. z o.o.
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Our expectations have been met by Tacis experts in every respect. We have been given valuable tips, content-related support and comprehensive services throughout the entire process of the company reorganisation. All the time we have had instant access to all key data of the company and of its departments which has made our operations easier and faster. I definitely recommend Tactis as they are a dedicated team of experts fully focused on their Client's goals.
PBS Finanse S.A.
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Tactis has provided us with comprehensive services rendered by experts in multiple fields of law and finance which has help us a great deal in successful and major reorganisation of our operations to be well aligned with the needs of business sectors new to our company. Tactis has also shaped our accounting polices in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. We have been given assistance in transferring accounting documents and data from former accounting office to Tactis professionals and assistance in cutting the costs of accounting services. Tactis means real professionals who I can certainly recommend.
Browar Mariacki Sp. z o.o.
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We have found our cooperation remarkably effective and definitely recommend legal, accounting and advisory services by Tactis. Fully professional consultations and advisory services helped us better shape and easier go through each stage of our brewery restructuring while the payroll and HR services subsequently rendered by Tactis have proved that they are a team with high and guaranteed level of professional competencies in many areas of law, accounting and finance.
Elektrobudowa S.A. w upadłości
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Expertise, experience and dedication of Tactis experts enabled us to efficiently take on the massive task of payroll processing in relation to more than a 1000 employees and to prepare, within one month, an application to be submitted to the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund [Fundusz Gwarantowanych Świadczeń Pracowniczych]. We recommend Tacis services and if we needed such services, we would choose this team of experts again.

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